Long Term Locum Shifts (Full time Bank workers)

If you have full-time Bank workers in your location, rather than having to add these Gaps one by one onto the Scheduler, you can use our patterns feature that will enable you to apply a week pattern easily.

To do this, go to Patterns and add the shifts that you need for your full-time Bank worker, including the banding.

Once you have created your pattern, as it needs to be assigned to the Gaps row, you need to go to Tools > Apply shift pattern and instead of choosing a person, you need to choose the quantity of Gaps to be applied.

Once this has been applied to the Gaps row, you can follow the steps above to send the Gap shift to Locum's Nest.

Once sent to Locum's Nest, you will need to log in to convert the shifts.

Once a shift is picked up in Locum's Nest, it will come back to Rotageek and be assigned to the right person with the 'Bank' flag in its corner.

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