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Creating a Shift Pattern
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If you'd like to watch a video on how to create shift patterns please click the following article - Creating a Shift Pattern (Video)

If your company works on a rotating schedule (such as four days on/four days off), you might want to create a shift pattern.

To do so, navigate to the Shift Patterns page and Press Add Pattern on the top right corner. 

Name your pattern and assign it to the location(s) you will apply it to. 

Add as many days as needed for your pattern to rotate entirely by pressing the Set days button. For instance, if your employees work four days on/four days off, add eight days; then add shifts on the first four days and leave the last four days blank. This way, your employee will work Monday to Thursday on week 1, Tuesday to Friday on Week 2, Wednesday to Friday on week 3 etc., until week 9 where the pattern will have fully rotated and the employee will start his first day on a Monday, as shown below:

To help you visualize what your pattern will look like on the scheduler, press the Preview button on the top right corner. It will save your pattern automatically.
On the screenshot below, you can see the example of the four days on / four days off pattern.

Once you are happy with your pattern, apply it to the scheduler.

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