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Sending Bank/Agency Gap Shifts Out to Locum's Nest
Sending Bank/Agency Gap Shifts Out to Locum's Nest
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In this video, I'm going to show you how you can send gaps to Locum's Nest. Once you filled all of your gaps and created your roster, you may still have a few gaps leftover that you can't find cover for. This is where the integration with Locum's Nest comes in and you're able to send these out. I've left one gap up in this section here that needs to find cover.

Now, before we can send the gap to Locum's Nest, you need to edit one thing on the shift. Hover over the shift and hit edit. In the passive task section, you need to choose the band of the shift. You can select one or multiple bands, then click done. Once you click save, it updates to say the bands you have chosen. Once you've added the bands, you're then able to send to Locum's Nest.

Then, you need to go to tools and send gap shift, and it'll highlight the gap shift that you're sending. If you have more than one, they will all display on this page at the same time.

Simply click next and it will say Info: and how many gaps you are sending. Once you're happy with the amount of gaps being sent, you can click send. It will then show the gap has been sent with a tick. Now that has been sent, you can go to Locum's Nest and find cover for that shift.

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