Ad-hoc Locum Shifts

How to send an Ad-hoc Locum Shift to Locum's Nest

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If your company uses our Locum's Nest integration, below you will find out how to send ad-hoc and long term bank shifts to Locum's Nest and how these will appear in Rotageek.

Ad-hoc Locum Shifts

In order to send a shift to bank, you need to first add it directly to the gap row on the Scheduler and then choose what banding you need. The banding needs to be put in the 'Passive Task' section. If you do not do this, it will not be able to be sent.

Once you have created your shift, it will sit in the gaps row until you send the gap. It will be in 'draft' mode with dashed lines around the shift.

To send your gap, go to Tools > Send Gaps to Locum's Nest. This will bring you up a list of the gaps you have to send. Simply click 'Send gaps to Locum's Nest'

Once the gap has been sent successfully, it will turn a block colour if you've selected one and show the 'Gap Sent' with a tick next to it. This means it's been sent to Locum's Nest and you need to log onto Locum's Nest to convert the shifts.

You may very occasionally get a 'Send failed' on the gap. This will normally be because you have added the wrong, or not added a passive band to the shift. If it fails, review the shift, add the correct banding for the location and then re-send.

Once a shift is picked up in Locum's Nest, it will come back to Rotageek and be assigned to the right person with the 'Bank' flag in its corner.

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