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What are Leave Reasons?

A leave reason, is simply the explanation or justification an employee provides for taking time off work. It helps HR managers and supervisors to understand why the employee is requesting leave and if there are any additional steps that need to be taken to approve the request.

For example, if an employee requests sick leave due to an injury, the HR manager or supervisor may need to ask for additional documentation such as a doctor’s note to help validate the reason for the leave. This helps ensure that the employee can inform the company of their ability to work and that the company is aware of any potential issues that can impact operations.

Adding Leave Reasons

If a leave requires a reason, your company will already have a set of reasons that you can choose from with a single tap. This section will help you with a step-by-step guide on how to add one.

Adding a leave reason via the Rotageek mobile app (user)

- On the Rotageek mobile app navigate to the ‘Leave’ section

- Tap the ‘+’ button and choose what type of leave you’re requesting

- If you request a leave type that requires a reason then you should see a ‘Reason’ section (as seen on the screenshot), tap the ‘Select Reason’ and choose from the list. (Note that you can also search for a reason if your company has plenty on the list.)

- Save

Adding a leave reason via the Rotageek web app (user)

- On the Rotageek web app click the Plane/Leave icon

- On the Leave page click ‘+ Request Leave’

- Choose the leave type and the date

- If the leave requires a reason then you can choose from the pre-set list

- Save

Note: Once you have requested the leave a notification will be sent to your manager for them to approve it.

Adding a leave reason to a leave request as a manager/supervisor

If you’re a manager/ supervisor then there are 2 ways to add leave reasons to a leave request.

Method 1 – Through the Scheduler

- Find the person you want to add a leave request and reason to

- Press the + button and fill the leave request form

- A dropdown menu of the leave reasons will be made available if the leave request needs a reason

- Save

Method 2 – Through the Leave Admin Page

- Navigate to Leave Admin

- Click ‘+ Add Leave’

- Fill in the leave form

- A dropdown menu of the leave reasons will be made available if the leave request needs a reason

- Save

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