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In this video, I'm going to be showing you how you're going to be able to create a roster. To get to this page, you need to hit the scheduler button on your left-hand toolbar, and this will bring you to the week that you were last viewing the scheduler on.

You can use the date picker at the top to schedule as far in advance as you want to. You can see the date range along the top. So my example is from Monday the 31st January to Sunday 6th February. If you wanted to navigate back to the roster for the current week, you just needed to hit today and it will bring you back to that roster.

We also offer a multi-week view roster. If you wanted to view the scheduler in 1, 2, 3, or four weeks, you can just choose which one you want and it will then change your roster to show what you need to see. We're going to be staying on one week for you just to show you how to create your roster.

On the roster, all of your employees will show down the left-hand side. If you want to, you can click view, view settings and you're able to select what you want to see for the shifts and the employee information, which means you can make it more of a restricted roster.

This is our gaps row. Gaps are unassigned shifts, meaning these are shifts that we need to find cover for, to ensure we have a full and complete roster. When you log on and you go to the week that you're wanting to create your roster for, the gaps row will already be pre-filled for you, so you can simply schedule the shifts. Each gap shift can have an amount that needs to be filled, for example this shift needs 12 employees to complete the shift.

There are a few different ways I can assign these shifts. The first one is simply dragging and dropping so I can drag and dropdown and I can assign that shift to my test user. As you can see, now that shift says 11 needed instead of 12, as I've scheduled one of those shifts.

I can also hover over the shift and click 'Assign.' There are two ways I can use assign. I can either hit preview, which is going to show me all of the people who can take that shift and I can simply click any employee I want to take that shift. You will be able to select up to 12 as needed (or whatever amount is needed for that specific shift). Once I am happy I've scheduled the number of people that I need to, or the amount of people that are correct, I can hit done, and it's going to hide my blue ticks.

The other method of assign is clicking the location. This will show you who can take that shift. You can scroll and see all the employees and again, give it to any employees you want to until you reach the limit needed.

So once you've scheduled all of the shifts you need to, and the roster is as complete as you can make it before needing to send shifts out, you can then go to the approve button. I can select this and as you will see, the shifts are then turned into approved shifts. They've got a solid task colour and a solid line around the outside. I've just dragged and dropped another shift to allow you to see the difference between the draft mode vs approved mode. Once approved, the employees can see these shifts on the Rotageek Mobile App.

If I have any shifts that are needing to be filled due to sickness, before I send to Locum's Nest, I can edit a shift to be sick. Open the shift, scroll down and click 'Mark as Leave' and choose the type of Leave needed. At this point, as you may know in advance you need to still find cover, click 'Move to Gaps' and this shift will go back into the gaps row, allowing you to find cover.

Whatever is then left in the gaps row once you are happy with the roster can be sent to Locum's Nest. You can find out how to do that with this article.

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