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Requirements on Gap Shifts
Requirements on Gap Shifts

How to create and manually assign gap shifts with specific requirements on scheduler

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When you see a shift that you need to fill but you don't want to assign it to a colleague yet, you can create a gap shift at the location which can be allocated later on. To do this, open the Gaps row and click on the New button in the action tooltip on the day you want to add the gap shift to.

When creating a gap you can specify some requirements which a colleague will have to satisfy in order be allocated the shift. You can specify:

  • Active tasks: You can specify which tasks will be done as part of the shift e.g. Tills 09:00 - 13:00, Delivery 13:00 - 17:00

  • Passive tasks: You can specify which passive requirements need to be satisfied as part of the shift e.g. the colleague must satisfy the requirement of being a Keyholder for the duration of the shift

You can also specify the quantity of gap shifts you want to create with these attributes.

The gap shifts that you create will be saved in the Gaps row to be allocated when you're ready. The scheduler will filter for the colleagues who have the skills necessary to take on the gap shifts when manually allocating them.

To manually assign a gap, click/hover over the shift and click on the Assign button in action tooltip. A filtered list of colleagues who you can assign the gap to will appear for each location you have loaded. Select the colleague(s) you'd like to assign the gap(s) to and press Assign. Draft shifts will be created for all the colleagues you've selected.

To find out more about broadcasting gap shifts to colleagues so that they can express interest before allocation please see this article.

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