Partial Gaps

How your employee can accept a partial gap

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You may have a gap that you want to send out to employees who are already working during partial times of the gap. E.g. an employee may be working 9am-5pm and you have a gap shift for 4pm-8pm.

We have a feature called Partial Gaps which would allow your employee to request to work the additional part of that shift, to extend it.

To do this, you would schedule the gap like normal even if this overlaps with employees shifts.

If you have partial gaps turned on, the employee will also be selectable within the 'send gaps' notification section. Once this is sent, the employee(s) will receive an alert saying there are gaps available.

When they view their mobile app, the gap will show them what time they're already working and allow them to request the rest or part of the rest of the gap shift you have sent.

The employee will be able to change the times of the gap they're requesting, leave a note and submit.

Once this has been requested, you will see this displayed on the Scheduler, stating the times they have requested.

If you assign this gap, it'll be given to your employee as a shift and a new gap will be formed for the extra hours not taken.

This would be turned on for all gaps, enabling your staff to be more flexible to any gap shifts you sent, hopefully finding you better coverage for your vacancies.

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