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The Rotageek Mobile app

How to use the Rotageek mobile app

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As an employee using Rotageek, you can access every feature you need via our convenient Mobile App. 

The App is available for both Apple and Android devices and can be downloaded free from either the App Store or the Google Play Store. Search 'Rotageek'.

The Rotageek mobile app will work on most mobile devices and is supported on the following OS Versions:

  • iPhone - iOS 12.1 or later

  • iPod touch - iOS 12.1 or later

  • Mac - macOS 11 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip or later

  • Android - 5.0 and up (Lollipop)


Log in to the app using your Rotageek username and password. If you don't know your username check with your manager or wait for your welcome email.

If you've forgotten your username or password, tap the Forgot Details? button next to the 'Log in' button.

The Dashboard

Once logged in, you will see your Dashboard. Here, you can view your next shift, access your future schedule, available shifts and your upcoming leave.

You may have access to a Working with button to view who's on-shift with you on that particular shift, this is dependant on your company settings.

Your Schedule

You can tap My Schedule this week on the Dashboard to access the list of your future shifts or via Schedule in the sidebar.


To navigate to a week in the past or future, open the calendar by tapping on the calendar icon.

If you have access to view the other people you're working with, we now have the ‘Team’ section, if you select this, it will switch from showing ‘My schedule’ and allow you to see everyone you’re working with. You can filter by tasks to identify which people have been scheduled to do specific tasks today, and you can select multiple locations at once.


Tap on a shift to view more details about it. If your company allows you to swap shifts, you can also do that via the 'Request swap' button here.

Available shifts

In the Available shifts section, you will find all the shifts that are available for you to request to work. Tap any shift to see more details about it and press Request to work if you're interested in that shift. The request will be sent to your manager in order to be processed. 

You can also access this from the Available shifts option on the sidebar-menu, at any time.


View your Leave Balance, Request Leave and see the outcome of your Leave Requests in the App. 

To access your Leave, tap on 'My upcoming leave' on the Dashboard or via Leave in the sidebar. Here you will be able to view all your leave requests and remaining leave balance (depending on your company settings), as well as adding new leave and editing outstanding requests. 

You can filter by status (Approved, Rejected, Outstanding) or select a different leave year via the filters page, next to the '+' button. 

To request leave, simply press the + in the top right corner, select the type of leave required and the dates/times you wish to take off. Once you're happy with your request, hit the Tick icon on the top right, this will then be submitted to your manager for approval. 

If you make a mistake and want to edit or cancel an outstanding leave request, just tap into that request and make your update via the 'Edit' or 'Cancel request' buttons.



How to add availability from the mobile app

To access your availability, open the sidebar via the menu icon in the top left hand corner and tap in 'Availability.

To add a new availability entry, tap on the '+' in the top right hand corner or the 'Add availability' button on the date you wish to create an entry. 

Select the type of availability you wish to enter by tapping into the first field along with the correct date and times.
Depending on your company settings, you will see one or more of the following options: Available, Not available, Prefer to work, Prefer not to work.
Once you're done, tap 'Add' to update your availability. 

To edit/delete an existing entry, simply tap the entry you wish to update and make your changes - don't forget to hit save once you're done. 

Syncing your shifts and calendar

How to sync your shifts to your phone calendar.

To sync your shifts with your calendar, open the sidebar and hit Account at the bottom. 

Simply turn the Calendar sync toggle on and your shifts will be synced to your phones calendar. We will require access to your calendar to be able to do this. 

Changing your password

To change your password, navigate to the Account page as detailed above. Tap on the 'Change password' option to be taken to the New password page. 

Clocking in and out

How to clock into your shift and how to clock out.

If your company uses our clock in feature, you will be required to clock in and out for your shift or and unscheduled shift. To do this, simply tap Clock in on your Dashboard. The time at which you checked-in will appear. To clock out at the end of your shift, simply press clock out

To view the full article on clocking in and out, click here.

Schedule Screen

General Layout

The amount of information displayed for each shift has been minimised to allow for a better viewing experience:

  • More space has been allocated to the key schedule information (start/end time, location, tasks)

  • Less important info has been hidden from the main view and is only available when you view the details of a shift - this includes break details, task details and the duration summary

Manual Refresh

The way you can check for any updates to your rota while on the Schedule screen has changed too. We've transitioned away from a distinct Refresh button in app header to instead having a pull-to-refresh mechanism which gets activated when you pull above the first date that is loaded.

Filter Functionality

We've made it easier to filter your Schedule view if you have access to multiple locations. The filter has been added directly to the home-screen instead of being hidden behind a separate page.

Leave Screen

We also updated the Leave screen to make it more intuitive:

  • Ensure the default leave period when opening the Leave screen is always the current leave year

  • Start to display which leave year a user is working within at the top of the screen at all points


Provided that your company has opted-in for this feature, you can view a list of the current and past timesheets, organised by week (from most to least recent). This view helps you review and quickly identify discrepancies related to a shift between the number of hours you were contracted to work and what will appear in your paycheck.

The summarized information shows you the status of the timesheet, your contracted hours, your scheduled hours, your actual worked hours, and any leave hours taken.

It also indicates if there is a difference between the contracted hours vs. how many hours you will be paid for, and by how much.

When pressing on a timesheet, you can see your scheduled start, end, and break durations, along with what those values are on the timesheet.

If you press on any entry, you will see your scheduled times, clock-in/out times if your company uses it, and the timesheet times.

If you have any questions or feedback for us regarding this update, please feel free to reach out to us through our Support channel 😀

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