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Mobile App - Requesting Leave
Mobile App - Requesting Leave

How to request leave using the Rotageek Mobile app

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Requesting Leave on Rotageek is simple and straightforward! This article shows you how to request leave on the mobile app. To update your leave on the web app, follow this article

To access your Leave, tap on 'My upcoming leave' on the Dashboard or via Leave in the sidebar. Here you will be able to view all your leave requests and remaining leave balance (depending on your company settings), as well as adding new leave and editing outstanding requests. 

You can filter by status (Approved, Rejected, Outstanding) or select a different leave year via the filters page, next to the '+' button.

To request leave, simply press the + in the top right corner, select the type of leave required and the dates/times you wish to take off. Once you're happy with your request, hit 'Send', this will then be submitted to your manager for approval. 

If you make a mistake and want to edit or cancel an outstanding leave request, just tap into that request and make your update via the 'Edit' or 'Cancel request' buttons. 

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