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Mobile App - Clocking In and Out
Mobile App - Clocking In and Out

How to clock in and out for your shifts on the mobile app

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Clocking in for your shift today 

*Please note that Rotageek requires access to your phone's location to be able to use this feature. We use your location to determine if you're close enough to work to be able to clock in. The coordinates and clock in area of your place of work are set by your company.

If you're working today and need to clock in for your shift, simply open the Rotageek mobile app and make sure you're looking at the Dashboard. If you're not, open the sidebar and tap on Dashboard

Here, you should see the details of your shift today along with the 'Clock in' button. Hit that to clock in. If your clock in was successful, you should see 'Shift in progress' along with the time you clocked in. 

Once you've finished your shift and need to clock out, simply open the app again and tap clock out - easy! You should see a summary of the time you clocked in and out. To dismiss this and view when you're next working, hit Done

If your company has opted-in, you may be required to enter a reason why you're clocking in or out of your shift early or late. Simply select the appropriate option and press Confirm.

Clocking in without a shift

If you've been asked to come into work and don't have a shift scheduled for today, you can still clock in and out and these times will be sent to your manager. 

Open the mobile app and make sure you're looking at the Dashboard, the same as clocking in for a shift today.
You should see the details of the next shift you're scheduled to work as well as a 'Clock in for an unscheduled shift' button - this is the one you want. 

Tap this button to register the time you got to work.

Just like when you clock in for a scheduled shift, you'll see 'Shift in progress'. 

Once you're done, tap clock out and 'Done' once you've viewed your shift summary. This will create a new entry for your manager to review. 

What happens to my clocked in and out times?

Your clock in and clock out time will be recorded in Rotageek. If your Time & Attendance record is different from your scheduled shift time (e.g. you arrived 15 minutes late), this will be recorded on your Timesheet automatically. Your manager reviews and compares these Time & Attendance entries against the planned schedule and agrees on how many hours you worked. 

Your manager has discretion over what is recorded in Timesheets, so if you were recorded late because you forget to clock in at the start of the shift don't panic! Just speak to your manager to ensure that the correct amount of hours gets recorded. 

Provided that your company has opted-in for this feature, you will receive an email if your manager has amended the start and/or end time of your shift and/or break. This email will show you what has been adjusted, as shown below:

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