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Leave - Requesting Leave (Web)
Leave - Requesting Leave (Web)

Booking Your Leave in Rotageek (Web Browser)

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If you need help with requesting leave in the Mobile App, click here

To book Leave in the web browser, log into your account and select the Leave tab from the left hand menu. 

Your Leave Allowance, Approved Leave Days and Remaining Leave Allowance are displayed at the top of the page.

Below, you can view your Approved, Outstanding and Rejected leave requests for the current leave year. 

If you need to change the leave year you are viewing, select the correct year from the drop down menu in the top left corner.

To begin a new leave request, click on the blue + Request Leave button in the top right corner. 

This will launch a new window where you can input the details of your Leave Request. 

First, select the type of leave you wish to book. The list that appears in the drop-down menu will vary depending on your organisation's rules. 

Then pick the start and end date of your absence. If you need to request less than a whole day of leave, or your request contains a half day, uncheck the All day box. 

If you’d like to provide any further information about why you need the day off, leave a comment for your manager in the Notes box. For example, "I need the day off to attend my Sister's wedding". 

Once you're done, click Save. Your request will then be sent to your manager for approval. 

If you need to edit a leave request that has already been approved, click on the leave request you'd like to change. This will launch a new window where you can edit the details of your leave request and re-submit it to your manager. 

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