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Leave - Other Absences
Leave - Other Absences

How to manage Maternity/Paternity, Sick leave etc.

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In Rotageek, 'Other' refers to anything that is not Annual Leave or Sick Leave.
Typically this can include; Lieu Day's, Birthday Day's Off, Paternity/Maternity Leave, Compassionate Leave or anything tailored specifically to your business. 

'Other' Leave can all be managed and edited via Leave Admin (just like Annual Leave) if it is marked as Requestable Leave. Requestable Leave can be requested by employee's and needs Managers authorisation/approval in Leave Admin. 

It can also be added immediately via the Scheduler through the Leave tab. 

Rotageek will track each leave type for you so you're able to run a report and see how many days of each leave have been taken per employee. Find out how to create reports here.

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