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Leave - Adding Leave for Employees
Leave - Adding Leave for Employees

How to add a Leave entry on behalf of your employee

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You can add both Requestable leave and Non-Requestable in the Scheduler.

Both types of leave can be added via the Scheduler tab by clicking on the '+' icon.

Go along to 'Leave' and choose the leave type needed from the options your company has set. You can also at this time change the date range as well for the period of leave.

Once you have chosen the date range and leave type, depending on the length you will be able to choose the days and hours of the leave request.ย 

Rotageek will base this on their contracted hours but you are able to click the days to change any day to a day off or a half day.

Once this is completed, you can save and it will automatically go on the scheduler and be approved.

This can be edited at any time by clicking on the entry on the scheduler.

You can still add Requestable leave through Leave Admin:

To add Requestable leave this way, go to Leave Admin.

On the first page you should see the blue 'Add Leave' button in the top right-hand corner.

This will bring up the request entry window. Here, enter the details relevant to the employee's request; their name, the type of leave being taken and the start and end dates.

Now the details have been added, you will be shown below the duration breakdown which is usually based on the employees contract. You are able to amend this by changing the hours for each day if needed. It also gives the employees current balance and leave remaining after the request.

Add a comment if necessary to the 'Notes' section and click 'Save' when the request is complete. This will auto-populate the leave on the relevant days in the Scheduler.

Adding Leave spanning multiple Leave Years

Some absences can span multiple leave years while others do not. The main difference is if a type of leave/absence do not have an allowance then requests for these types of leave can span from one leave year to another. This is especially helpful for absences such as maternity leave or long term absences.

If you see that the end date is greyed out if you try to request a leave that spans to the next leave year then that means the leave type has an allowance and therefore not allowed to span multiple leave years.

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