Rotageek will divide the number of paid leave hours evenly over the dates specified within the leave request.
For example; a 40 hour employee is taking a week off, Monday - Sunday, only 5 of those days are paid leave, it will appear like this on the scheduler:

You can see under the employee's name that they have filled their contracted hours despite each day not totalling to 8 hours, this is why it is very important to enter the correct amount of paid hours being taking for this duration of leave - in this case that would be 5 days and that is what the scheduler is picking up.
Due to how the system divides this up, we recommend keeping leave requests within the full working week so the hours will be correct in the scheduler. If a leave request spans more than a week and does not start on the first day of the week, we recommend working out the number of hours/days being taken each week the employee is away and putting this in as separate requests.  
Say for example this employee took 2 weeks starting from Wednesday, as the dates span over 3 working weeks in this case we would put in 3 requests - see below.

Here's how it looks when there is only 1 request:

Here's how it looks when you break it up into 3 individual leave requests:

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