If you are a manager and your company needs documents to be uploaded for certain leave types, you will be able to see the document your employee has uploaded.

On the web app, navigate to Leave Admin as normal and open a leave request. If the leave type has requested a document, this will show at the bottom of the leave request.

As you can see above, the document has been uploaded. To see the document, select the > arrow and it will open the specific document.

From here, you can download the document or delete the document. If there are multiple documents, they will show individually in this section.

If you extend the leave due to a new document, you can also add additional documents your employee provides you by clicking + Add document.

If you are adding leave on behalf of an employee in Leave Admin, you will see a section at the bottom of the leave request to add a document. This may be the case for un-requestable leave.

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