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Exception Reporting - Clinical Supervisor
Exception Reporting - Clinical Supervisor
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As a Clinical Supervisor, you will be in charge of processing Exception Reports processed by your trainees.

The Exception Reporting section will be on the Mobile App and can be found on the lefthand side toolbar.

When you open this, you will see all the exception reports submitted by the Trainees you are responsible for. The page will automatically show all reports that are assigned to you, however if you want to see just the Open cases, you can filter by status which will show you all your opened cases.

You can click onto any report and see all the information that has been provided by your Trainee. This will include the shift the exception report was created for, the date of the report, what additional hours were worked (day or night), the reason for the exception and if it was an immediate safety concern.

You can then choose what action to take for the shift. This is an option between paying for the additional hours, time off in lieu or no action.

Once you are happy with the action selected, you can submit which will change the status to being closed.

If you want more information from your Trainee before submitting, you can use the chat functionality to message about the specific exception report. Full message history between you and the Trainee will show when selecting this.

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