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Exception Reporting
Exception Reporting - Junior Doctors
Exception Reporting - Junior Doctors
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Exception Reporting allows you to create a report if there has been an exception to your shift that you need to report to your Supervisor.

Exception reports need to be created on the mobile app. Your lefthand tab will show you the section 'Exception Reports' and when you click this, it will show you any open or closed reports you have already created.

To submit a new Exception Report, click the + button in the top right hand corner of the page. This will take you to the My Schedule page to be able to submit an exception report for a specific shift.

Click on the shift you want to create the report for and you will be taken to a new modal. You will see at the top your 'Supervisor' section will be filled in for the person who is responsible for your exception reports.

Below this, you can input additional hours, including day and night and select the reason for the report e.g. Exceeded the maximum 13-hour shift length. You can select as many exceptions as you want at this point.

If you believe this shift was an immediate safety concern, you need to toggle this to on and then enter details about the reports and steps taken to resolve it.

Once you have done this, submit the report. It will then bring you back to the exception report tab and you can see the new one, along with any other reports you have done.

You can open any report you have created and see all the details, but you can also message your clinical supervisor about the report and a history of all the messages.

Whenever an exception report is processed, you will get a push notification in the mobile app to confirm this.

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