Lieu - Accruing and Taking
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To accrue and take Lieu in Rotageek, you will need to use payroll codes to document both. You will then need to run a report to see what has been accrued and taken.

Lieu Accruing:

You can use a payroll code called ‘Time off in lieu hours [Accrued]’ (or any name of your preference) for any overtime the employee completed.

For example, if your employee works their normal 8 hour shift, and then an additional 3 hours lieu, this will need to be documented on the Timesheet entry for the original working day.

When opening the entry, you need to amend the ‘Actual’ hours as shown. The scheduled shift is 09:00-17:30, however the actual has been amended to 09:00-20:30 as they did 3 hours overtime.

To add a new payroll code simply click ‘+ Add payroll code’ to create the second line to add the Time off in Lieu that has been accrued. Once the hours match, you can save an approve.

Lieu Taking:

For an employee to take Lieu, you must add this directly onto the scheduler by choosing the Leave called ‘Lieu Day’

If the employee is taking a full lieu day, all you need to do is add a leave entry of ‘Lieu Day’ for the whole day on the scheduler. This will then pull through to the Timesheet as a leave entry showing as Time off in lieu hours [taken].

If they are taking part of a Lieu day, you need to enter their normal shift and put the hours they are working on the scheduler. After this has been entered, add a leave of ‘Lieu Day’ and add the hours they are on lieu.

When you go into the Timesheets, this will then display as the hours lieu and the hours worked. The Lieu day is tied to the payroll code so you simply need to approve the entries and save.

To report on both Lieu Accrued and Taken:

If you want to find out how much Lieu in both accrued and taken an employee has left, you can do so by using the reports feature.

You need to go to the ‘User payroll code breakdown report.’ From here, you can choose any date range and also specify if you’re looking for a specific employee or location. Simply run the report and it will bring up a report for all the employees you’ve requested.

This then gives you the breakdown report of Time in Lieu accrued and taken for you to compare and get an up to date balance for both.

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