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Junior Doctors - Rule and Cost Analysis
Junior Doctors - Rule and Cost Analysis
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When you have created a Shift Pattern for your Junior Doctors, you will see extra functionality that allows you to view the Rule Analysis and Cost Analysis for your specific Pattern for each pay grade.

Your extra options show below the pattern name section and allows you to choose your WTE (Whole time equivalent in %), the Leave Entitlement in this period in days and if it is a rolling pattern.

Once these have been filled out and you have your full pattern, you can use the 'Rule Analysis' to help check you are meeting all rules and view the 'Cost Analysis' to see how much per Grade this specific Pattern is costing.

Rule Analysis:

Rule Analysis lets you see all the rules that you need to meet when creating a Junior Doctor Pattern including rules like 'No more than 72 hours in any 7 day period'.

If you have successfully created a pattern with no rule breaks, you will see the 'Rule Analysis' button has a green tick. You can click this to open the modal and see every rule has a green tick next to it, showing you're meeting the criteria.

If you break a rule on the Pattern, the 'Rule Analysis' button will have an amber alert with a '!' in the triangle. Once you click this, the modal will alert you to which rules you have broken.

If you need more information about the rule, you can use the 'i' button to find out more information. On some rules, you can also click the text and it will flag on the Pattern which shifts are breaking that rule by showing triangles.

You will then need to update the Pattern so that you meet all the rules.

Cost Analysis:

Once you have a Pattern that meets all the rules and covers the needs of your department, you can view the Cost Analysis for this specific Pattern.

Click 'Cost Analysis' and it will bring up a new modal that breaks down the Pattern into Pay Grades and also shows you the average hours per week, additional hours and weekend banding.

This is updated as you make changes to your pattern. If you want to change something, exit this modal, make the change and go back via Cost Analysis to see the updated costings.

As Junior Doctor baseline salaries change each year, there is also a drop down for the Leave Year picker so you can check what this Pattern will cost each year.


Once you are fully happy with your Pattern including the rules and costing, you can export the Pattern via the Export button in the top right hand corner. This will then allow you to save to PDF which shows you the Pattern, Hours Summary, Salary Calculation for your selected year and the compliance of your rules.

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