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Scheduling to a different Location
Scheduling to a different Location
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If you are scheduling for an employee who works in multi-locations, you will need to amend this on Rotageek when adding the shift.

One Location:

To do this, when opening the Shift modal to add a shift, there is a 'Location' dropdown menu. Simply choose the location you are scheduling that employee for and continue to add the shift like normal.

Once all your shifts in the given week have been updated with the correct locations, you need to go to Tools > Copy Week and copy these shifts into the future. This will include the location being copied so you do not then have to change this each time.

Multi Locations (Multi Teams):

This is the same as above, but you need to make sure you are specifying the different locations for each individual shift, rather than just assigning all shifts to one location.

To do this, for each individual shift, use the Location drop down to select the correct location. One you have done this, you will see the different locations showing under the shifts e.g. Location A on Monday, Location B on Tuesday.

Once all the shifts this week reflect the correct locations, go to Tools > Copy week and copy this week of shifts into the future. You can choose who to copy so if you want, select the users who are multi-location and just copy them.


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