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Setting up Multi Factor Authentication for Rotageek
Setting up Multi Factor Authentication for Rotageek

step by step guide how to setup a multi factor authentication

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Setting up your Multi Factor authentication for Rotageek is quite straightforward. The article below will detail on what you need to do to set it up.

  1. Before you proceed please ensure that you have an authenticator app installed. If you don't have one, go to your phone's app store and install any of the following apps:

    1. 2FAS

    2. Google Authenticator

    3. Microsoft Authenticator

      If you wish to not use an authenticator app, you can use the 'Use Email Instead option' when you first setup the the MFA (proceed below for reference)

  2. Login to your Rotageek account on the Rotageek web application. You should see a QR code, something like the image below.

Do Not Press Next button before you have setup the Authenticator app as a new QR code will not be produced when you login again, effectively locking you out of your account.

3. Open your chosen authenticator app and scan the QR code. Once that is done you should see a One-Time Password that will expire. The screenshot below shows what it looks like on the Google authenticator app.

4. Once you have setup the QR code on your authenticator app press next on the Rotageek setup screen and you should see a form asking you for your verification code. Enter the digits that are produced on your authenticator app. Once complete click Verify.

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