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If your company has 'Manager Approval' turned on for swaps, you will have the option to choose which swaps are accepted and which are rejected.

To do this, on your lefthand side toolbar, you will see 'Swaps Admin.'

This will give you a list of all outstanding swap requests to respond to. You can see the requesters name, the details of the shift they want to swap and the number of people who have responded at the time of you viewing the request.

If you want to look at the responses, you need to click the tick which will open a modal showing the options you have available to choose from.

This gives you the employees name who is happy to swap and then the details of the swap they're offering. Whichever employee you want to swap the shifts for, simply click and the swap will be authorised. At this point, the two employees swapping will get a push notification so say that their schedules have been updated.

If you do not want to approve the swap, click the red circle and this will alert the employee that their swap request has been rejected.

A note on skills: Please note that the swap is only offered to people who have the relevant skill for the scheduled task(s) on the shift, so employees presented in this list will have the relevant skills for the scheduled shift. E.g. if 'Tills' is the task, and this task requires the 'till-trained' skill, only employees with the 'till-trained' skill would ever be offered the swap, and therefore be able to accept it and appear on this list. However, passive skills are not filtered in the swaps options, so if there is a particular passive skill you're looking for (or another skill that isn't associated to a scheduled task in the shift), you would have to check that yourself. E.g. if the scheduled task is 'shop floor' but you want the person taking the shift to have the 'first-aid trained' skill which isn't associated to 'shop floor', you would have to check that manually.

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