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Editing & Approving Records on Timesheets
Editing & Approving Records on Timesheets

How to edit and 'Approve' shift records

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To edit a shift record all you need to do is click on the shift, this will bring up the details of that shift on the right hand side of the screen. Here you can edit the hours worked to reflect the time an employee was actually present.

At the top, you will see the initial scheduled time from the Scheduler.

If your employees are required to 'Clock-In/Out' on their app then the recorded data of this will be added to the Timesheet.

If your company has opted-in, you may be required to choose a reason for which you're amending the start and/or end times. Simply select the reason in the dropdown menu.

Once you have made your changes and the hours shown are correct to the hours worked, then hit 'Approve' at the bottom of the window, this will approve this entry which will be reflected in the Timesheet. 

If you have made an error in an Approved entry and need to go back in and edit it, simply click the entry within the timesheet to open it and make your changes. 

You can also 'Unapprove' an entry so it returns to its initial unapproved state, this will flag to another member of staff that this entry still needs to be looked at. This may be the case if 2-step sign off has been turned on and your Payroll Department want you to check this entry again and make changes, they will also be able to leave a comment on this entry to give you some insight if needs be.

If all the hours for a day/employee are correct and do not need to be edited you can approve them all in one go by clicking on the 'tick' icon next to each day/employee.

Once all the hours in your Timesheet are correct hit Submit and this will send of the Timesheet.

Provided your company has opted-in for this feature, your employee will receive an email showing their adjusted hours on the timesheets so they can easily review their work and leave hours, as shown here:

If your company has opted-in, you may be able to amend a signed-off timesheet.

To amend the record simply click on it (without pressing Reopen timesheet) and edit what's needed. Choose the outstanding timesheet you want the change to be reflected on. Once done, press Save as Amendment.

The amended record will show the amendment and an orange circle.

You will then be able to see the offset on the outstanding timesheet you've previously selected. Click on the amendment to open the affected record.

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