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Logging In & Viewing Dashboard
Logging In & Viewing Dashboard

New to rotageek? Find out how to login and navigate the dashboard for your rostering platform.

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This video is going to show you how to log into Rotageek and the Rotageek dashboard. Once you've received a welcome email containing your username and a link to set a new password, you can log into rota geek by entering your username and the password you've just set.

Once logged in, you'll be brought to your dashboard. I'm going to be using the ICU: Registered nurses location but you will see the location you are scheduled to work and schedule for. The first section of the dashboard is an overview of the daily schedule for the current day.

I've scheduled two of my demo users just to show you what this will look like. I'm able to see the time that we are currently at, and I'm able to scroll along to see if anyone else is coming later in the day.

You can see this along with the whole schedule from midnight until the following midnight. If you have more employees than just two, there'll be scheduled down this left-hand side and you'll be able to scroll to see everyone who is in and what they are doing.

We also have the latest request section on this right-hand corner here. This will show you any requests that come through from the employees. This can range from Annual Leave to Study Leave or any type of leave that is requestable on Rotageek. It will show you the details of the leave including when the leave is requested to be taken, and when it was requested. To learn more about Leave Admin, please view this article on Leave Admin.

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