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How to swap shifts with colleagues

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1 - Swaps

If you would like to exchange your shift with a colleague's, you can do so via the swap function.

To request a swap, navigate to your Schedule in the mobile app, press on the shift you'd like to exchange and click Swap with another shift.

You will then see a list of all the shifts you can swap with.

Both shifts need to be in the future, in the same week and location. Both users must be able to take the other user's shift and have the skills required for the task(s) scheduled in the shift.

You can choose one or multiple shifts to swap with; once you confirm your selection, the users will be notified of your swap request and they will be able to accept or reject it on their end.

Once you have selected which shift to swap, you'll see it will say 'Swap requested' at the bottom of the entry on the 'My Schedule' tab. This will stay here until there is a decision on the swap. This does not mean the swap has been approved and you may still need to work this shift.

When a user requests a swap with one of your shifts, their shift will then appear in the Available Shifts section.

Press on the shift to accept or refuse the request.

At this point, it depends on your company's settings to what happens next.

If your company has auto-approve turned on, the system will automatically make these changes on the Scheduler and update your schedule for you. You will get a push notification when this happens to confirm.

If your company has manager approval turned on, once you have requested to work the shift, you will get an 'Awaiting Approval' box next to the available shift until the Manager goes on to approve the swap.

If the manager approves the shift, this will disappear from the list and your schedule will be automatically updated and a push notification sent. If the manager rejects the swap, you will see 'Not approved' on the mobile app.

If you are a manager approving or rejecting swaps, this article will help.

2 - Shift Drop

Provided your company has opted in, you can drop a shift that you cannot work.

To do so, open the shift you want to drop in the mobile app, and press Drop Shift at the bottom of the screen, and Send Drop Request.

Once you've sent the drop request, the shift will appear in the available shifts section to the available colleagues. (Please note that they must have the correct skill to perform the task(s) scheduled to receive the shift).

To accept a drop shift, simply press on the one you want and press Accept Shift. The shift will then be transferred to you.

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