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Messages Feature
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The Messaging feature allows Managers to send out a message to all or specified employees.

As a Manager, to send a message, navigate to the Message tab on the lefthand side bar.

Once you click this, you will see a pop up open to start your message.

To start, click 'Send to' which allows you to select who you send this message to. The first option will be which location and you will be able to send a message to any location you have edit access to.

Once you've chosen the locations, you can then choose to 'select all' and message everyone, or choose individual users to send the message to.

Once you have chosen who you are sending the message to, click done and you will be able to type your message.

Once you click send message, you'll be alerted it has been sent. This then also alerts the user that they have a message via push notification on their mobile app.

The user can then view the message on the mobile app by clicking the push notification or going to the 'Message' tab on the left hand sidebar.

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