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Automatic Schedule Analysis
Automatic Schedule Analysis

How to view real-time feedback about changes to your schedule

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Schedule Analysis provides real-time feedback on areas of your schedule that violate pre-defined rules.

Once you've opened a location's schedule for a week, click on the Analysis button in the top right-hand corner to view the Analysis sidebar. Here you'll see a list of all of the rules that have been set up for your group and any corresponding feedback for the current schedule.

The schedule analysis is automatically run every time a change is made to the schedule. As you add, remove or amend shifts you'll receive feedback about how those changes have improved or worsened the schedule for each rule that is set up. For example, if a shift is added which conflicts with a colleague's availability, that violation will be displayed in the sidebar.

Note: Your group will need to have this feature enabled and certain rules need to be configured by our team. Please contact us on support if you'd like more information.

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