Schedule Screen

General Layout

The amount of information displayed for each shift has been minimised to allow for a better viewing experience:

  • More space has been allocated to the key schedule information (start/end time, location, tasks) 
  • Less important info has been hidden from the main view and is only available when you view the details of a shift - this includes break details, task details and the duration summary

Manual Refresh

The way you can check for any updates to your rota while on the Schedule screen has changed too. We've transitioned away from a distinct Refresh button in app header to instead having a pull-to-refresh mechanism which gets activated when you pull above the first date that is loaded.

Filter Functionality

We've made it easier to filter your Schedule view if you have access to multiple locations. The filter has been added directly to the home-screen instead of being hidden behind a separate page.

Leave Screen

We also updated the Leave screen to make it more intuitive:

  • Ensure the default leave period when opening the Leave screen is always the current leave year
  • Start to display which leave year a user is working within at the top of the screen at all points

If you have any questions or feedback for us regarding this update, please feel free to reach out to us through our Support channel 😀

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