If your company has chosen to use the Swaps feature, you can ask your manager to swap a shift that you can no longer work. 

Requesting a Shift Swap

To request a Shift Swap, open The Employee Mobile App and navigate to My Shifts. Click on the shift you want to swap, which will open it in a new window.

Next select the blue Request Swap icon. This takes you to Swap Details where you confirm the swap information and also add any Notes for your manager's consideration, such as explaining why you can't work the shift anymore.

To finalise the Swap Request click the Request Swap button. This will launch a dialogue box confirming that your Swap Request has been sent.

Both your manager and your team members who are available to take the shift will now receive a notification. 

Available team members are asked to indicate if they're interested or not interested in taking on your shift. 

Your manager is also notified that you want to change shifts, and will approve or reject your Swap Request at their discretion. Managers can also see which of your colleagues have volunteered to work the shift in your place. 

You can track the progress of your Swap Requests in the App by clicking More and then Swap. This will show the full list of your Approved, Pending and Rejected requests. 

How to respond to your colleagues' Swap Requests

When your colleague creates a new Swap Request, if you are available to take the extra shift you'll receive an e-mail notification asking you if you're interested or not. Click either No thanks or Yes, I'm Interested which will notify your manager of your response.

Alternatively, you can view any Available Shifts that your colleagues want to swap in the Employee Mobile App. Click on More in the bottom menu bar, and then tap Available. This will show any shifts that are available. If you want to let your manager know you're interested in working a swap, click on the shift. This will open a new screen where you can submit your request.

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