Totals, Costings & Budgets as seen in The Scheduler

Can I hide payroll information on the Scheduler? 

You can exclude payroll, budget and totals information from the scheduler for certain users by changing their user permissions. For a guide to using the Permissions Tab click here. 

The permissions relating to payroll, budgets and information on the scheduler are as follows:

Can view payroll information on the scheduler

Can view budget information on the scheduler

Can view totals on the scheduler

Simply tick or untick the permission on an employee's profile accordingly.

How do I set or edit Budgets for my branch/store? 

You can either manually set budgets on the scheduler, or they can be uploaded directly into Rotageek when your company is onboarded. 

If your company isn't directly uploading budget information, you'll need to do this manually. If you have the required permissions (typically Area Manager upwards depending on your company's structure) you will be able to set the weekly budget for a store. 

Navigate to the Budget tab in the menu bar, and this will launch a table where you can input the weekly budget for the store(s) you are responsible for. 

Understanding Totals in the Intra-Day Demand Graph (Autoscheduler only)

On the Intra-Day Demand Graph, the purple line represents forecasted customer demand, and the blue bars show the number of employees scheduled. 

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