Once you've built your first week's schedule, you may find that the rota for your team is 'similar enough' from one week to the next that the quickest way to build the rota for future weeks is simply to copy-paste from the one you've just made.  We have a "Copy Week" tool in Rotageek to do that.

You'll find it in the Tools menu on the Scheduler.

Choosing this tool opens a dialogue box. You should access the tool while you are 'on' the week that you want to copy from, and you'll be asked which (future) weeks you want to paste it to (one or multiple).  You'll have the option to apply it to all employees in this Location or only to certain ones.  

Notice that you also have the option to apply it "every week" in the date-range, or, "every other week" (or 3 weeks or 4 weeks).  This allows you to theoretically apply a kind of rotating template, in which (for example) employees A, B, and C work the weekend in the odd-numbered weeks and colleagues D, E, and F work it in the even-numbered weeks - an example of two different Copied weeks you would each apply to "every other" future week.  You can achieve something similar via Apply Patterns, but this is another way you could achieve that.

Pasting: what if someone already has shifts/Leave in that week?

Great question!  Yes, this can obviously happen - most commonly with the Annual Leave that your employees already have booked in future weeks, that you are now trying to paste your 'base' rota into.
Rotageek will spot this 'clash' for you and will ask you to resolve it as part of the Apply process.  In this example, Emma has Annual Leave booked on one day that we're trying to paste a shift from her copied rota onto, and Fiona has an already-scheduled shift on one day.  Rotageek will always assume that already-approved Leave "automatically wins" (the shift in question will simply be missed off, while the rest of the rota is pasted), but for shifts you can choose whether to keep the one that was there before ("do not apply") or the one you are now pasting ("overwrite").  Once you've chosen, go ahead and Apply.

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