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Applying a Shift Pattern
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If you'd like to watch a video of applying shift patterns instead, click the following article:

In order to apply a shift pattern to the scheduler, navigate to the scheduler and press Tools > Apply Shift Pattern

Select the location and the pattern you wish to apply. 

Press Preview to help you visualize what the pattern will look like on the scheduler.
In the screenshot below, I am applying a 4 days on/4 days off shift pattern.

Then choose the start and end weeks you want to apply the pattern to. Usually, the end week will be the last week before your pattern has rotated back to the start.
In my four days on/ four days off pattern, the end week will be week 8.

Finally, select the employee(s) you want to apply it to and the week the pattern will start for this employee.
For instance, if I select Oliver to start on week 1, his working week will start on Monday the 21st of October and if I select week 2, his working week will start on the Tuesday the 22nd. 

You can also set different employees to start on different weeks.
For instance here, Clara will start her working week on Monday, while Joanna will start her working week on Tuesday. If you need additional users for that pattern but don't want to assign the shifts to specific users yet, you can add the shifts from the pattern to the gaps row by adding a value under "gaps".

Once it's set up, press Apply and your pattern will be applied.

In the screenshot below, I've applied the pattern to two different employees, starting on two different weeks.

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