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People Page - Leave Tab

How to fill the Leave tab

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The Leave tab lets you enter the leave allowance for a new user.

You can enter the user's leave allowance in days or hours, according to your preferences. 

If you use accrued leave, simply choose Accrue and enter the % they receive.

You will also have a section for Study Leave where you can enter the fixed or accrued rate in the same request type (hours or days) as Annual Leave is set for.

You can also enter the amount of leave carried over, which can be done by leave year. You simply select 'Add new leave carried over' and enter the amount in either days or hours for the leave year needed. You can add multiple at one time for different leave years.

You can also enter the average hours in a working day (which will be set up as 8 by default) which will be used as a default for the average hours taken when your employee submits a leave request.

You can override the average hours in a working day if it is different per day by your employee by using the leave day duration feature.

For this, you tick the box next to 'Set leave day duration' and the above options will open. Here, you can set the amount of hours per individual day the employee works. This means that if an employee requests an individual day, it will default to the hours set. In the example above, if the employee requested a Monday, the leave would default to 6.25 hours and if they chose a Saturday, it would default to being a 0hr leave day.

You can also click 'Apply working pattern' which will take the information from the Weekly working pattern set on the Scheduling tab of the People page. More information can be found within this article.

Once completed, press Save and Close to save the information. 

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