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People Page - Scheduling Tab

How to fill the scheduling tab

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The Scheduling tab lets you enter information such as contracted hours and payroll information.

If you slide the toggle Appear in scheduler at all locations, the employee will appear in the rota of all the locations they're assigned to. If you slide it off, you'll be able to choose which location(s) schedulers this person should appear in. This is useful if they work in one shop but schedule for several of them.

If you're using the Autoscheduler, also fill the minimum and maximum shift lengths in order to give the auto-scheduler boundaries for this person's shift length. You can also choose to exclude them from the auto-scheduler by sliding the toggle. You also need to add their maximum hours; this is normally more than their contracted hours and is what the Autoscheduler can flex them up to.

Enter the wage of the person in the Payroll options box - you can either enter an hourly rate or an annual salary if the person is salaried. This section also gives you history of their previous salaries.

If your company uses Payroll Codes, you can select a specific one that would always relate to the employee e.g. 'Double Pay Sunday' and then it will automatically be calculated based on the Payroll Code rule. Contract Types can also be selected here.

If your company uses skills, you will also see the 'Primary Skills' option here to select which skills relate to your specific employee.

If your employee has a standard Weekly Working Pattern which doesn't change week to week, this can be entered as well. This will then show on the Scheduler and be taken into consideration by the Autoscheduler. You can choose to have no weekly working pattern, fully available or a mix throughout the week.

Once you have updated the Weekly Working Pattern, you can also sync this with the default leave durations. More information can be found on this article.

When you are done, press Save and Close to save the information. 

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