The Scheduler screen is the area where you can create rotas for your business. Staff appear down the left hand side of the scheduler, and days of the week across the top. 

You can reorder your staff by going to View, Reorder Employees. Sort and view locations and/or positions through the menu on the left hand side of the scheduler, allowing you to view schedules for individual locations/people.

Selecting the calendar icon at the top left of the scheduler will expand a calendar where you can easily move between weeks and across months. Selecting the direction icons beside the calendar allows you to scroll through on a week by week basis.

On the scheduler you can add shifts to an employee by selecting the grey highlighter tool on the bottom right of each rectangle that indicates a particular employee/date.

When selected, a pop up module will appear, giving you the option to select tabs called New, Existing and Leave. Selecting New gives you the option to input a shift with fully editable start and end times, break time and optional notes.

Selecting the Existing tab gives the option to input shifts that have been previously created in Shifts. To see how to create a new existing shift see this support article.

Selecting the Leave tab allows you to directly input unrequestable leave types, such as Sick Leave.

As you work on your rota, all changes you make will be continuously autosaved by Rotageek.

You will notice that shifts you add appear in light grey, with a coloured dashed borderline surrounding them. This means the shift is in draft format.

If you need to edit any shift you have inputted, simply click on the shift and edit the start/end time as appropriate.

When you are ready to Approve (finalise) your rota and send out alerts to your staff, press the Approve changes button in the top right. You will then be asked to confirm the number of changes being made to the schedule and the number of users these changes will effect.

Please note that if you have access to more than one location, you will need to make sure only the location you want approved is selected from the location menu on the left hand side of the scheduler.

Once you have confirmed these changes, your shifts will turn to a full block colour and automatic email and SMS alerts will be sent out to your staff with their rota details. Employees will then also be able to view their shifts on their Rotageek Employee Mobile App.

You can come back at any point and edit a select staff members shifts. Doing so will though return their shift to draft form and you'll need to re-approve the rota to alert these users of the changes made. Only the person who has had edits to their rota will get alerted.

Scheduler Functionality

Hours Calculator

You will notice that as you allocate shifts to your staff on the scheduler the hours calculator under each persons name will add up the total hours allocated for the week. If you have entered your teams contracted hours this will also appear, alongside a validation check showing an employee total hours in red if you schedule someone over their contracted hours.


Similarly, after you have approved a rota you will be able to see the total cost of each employees wages. This will appear under each person's name.

To see this information you will need to go have access to the Payroll Setting, Allow Supervisors to see Payroll header information in scheduler

Totals Bar

You can turn on the 'Totals Bar' permission within employees permissions, which will show per week:

• Total scheduled hours (approved shifts)

• Total approved Leave hours 

• Total cost of all shifts

• Budget set



The Tools drop-down allows you to do the following things:

• Use the Autoscheduler (only on certain accounts), and undo last Autoscheduler

• Copy rota across multiple weeks, see 'how to' here

• Create and apply gaps template, see 'how to' here


The send drop-down allows you to Send Gaps notifications, see 'how to' here



The view drop down allows you to:

• Change the font size, this is useful for ease of reading, or seeing more employees within you screen at one time

• Move unfilled gaps to top - This is useful functionality if you fill gap shifts with employees from numerous locations

• Show all availability, meaning all availability is shown within the scheduler. To find out how to add availability please see here (nb. this functionality is only enabled on certain accounts)

• Show all demand graphs, this will open all demand graphs for every location selected

• Reorder employees, this opens a pop out module to custom reorder employees within each location


This allows you to print the schedule for any locations you have selected.

1 Week/4 Week views

You can also flick between a '1 Week' and a '4 Week' view for the scheduler. To see more details of the 4 Week view see here.

The basic functionality of the 4 week view allows you to see a 4 weeks of shifts for one location on your screen. In this view, you can add/edit shifts across the 4 weeks. Including expanding single weeks for a more detailed view of information attached to the shifts.

Selecting the Today button will bring the 4 week view to cover the present week and 3 weeks into the future.

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