There are two ways to add shifts.

1. Shifts Main Menu

From the main menu, clicking the 'Shifts' menu item will take you to the main shift screen. Here, click the 'Add New +' button.

This displays a popup where you can define your shift name, start and finish times and breaks. You can also colour code them and add break times associated with each different shift type.

Event shifts are shifts with no time associated with them (perfect for task allocation).

Link the shifts you create to particular location(s) from the 'Locations' tab. You can enter payroll details under the 'Payroll' tab for your shifts if your staff get paid for doing different things.

2. From the Scheduler Screen

RotaGeek has been designed to make scheduling simple. You can perform most scheduling tasks directly from the schedule screen. Adding new shifts is no exception.

You can 'Click and Create' a new shift from clicking on any empty space in the rota. Click the empty cell on the schedule grid where you want to add the shift. A pop up will appear asking 'What do you want to do? Add existing shift, add new shift, add leave? Click the 'Add New Shift' tab and enter the name of your shift, the start and finish times.

This shift will be stored in your list of shifts and you can click on it from the main left hand shift bar in the scheduler view (or your main list under 'Shifts') to add details/change colour.

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