This information can be entered in each employees profile.

First, bring up your employees account details.

You can do this in one of two ways;

1) In the employee section of RotaGeek

Go the the user section by clicking the 'Employee' menu tab

Click the 'Edit' button at the right hand side of the screen, selecting the employee who's account you wish to modify.

2) From the schedule screen

Go the the scheduler section by clicking the 'Schedule' menu tab

Click the employee's name and the 'User' pop up containing the employees details will appear.

3) Then go to the 'Allowances' tab

In both options, select the allowances tab and add leave as required.

Here you can specify the start date for annual leave entitlements and the number of day of annual & study leave that the employee is entitled to and also how many days public holiday they receive.

Alternatively, if your employee accrues annual leave per hour worked, you can tick this option and enter their leave entitlement.

In the UK this is most commonly 5.6 weeks per year therefore a percentage rate on 12.07.

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