The Scheduling tab lets you enter information such as contracted hours and payroll information.

If you slide the toggle Appear in scheduler at all locations, the employee will appear in the rota of all the locations they're assigned to. If you slide it off, you'll be able to choose which location(s) schedulers this person should appear in. This is useful if they work in one shop but schedule for several of them. 

If you enter an end date to the user's profile, the account will be deactivated at this time and you will not be able to schedule shifts for this person past this day. This is helpful when you are adding a temporary team member. 

Enter the contracted hours and the maximum hours this person can work each week.

If you're using the auto-scheduler, also fill the minimum and maximum shift lengths in order to give the auto-scheduler boundaries for this person's shift length.

If you need to scale up hours for special shifts (such as Sunday Premium), enter a multiplier in the Sunday Multiplier box. 

Enter the wage of the person in the Payroll options box - you can either enter an hourly rate or an annual salary if the person is salaried. 

Once you're finished, press Save and Close to save the information. 

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