When a team member requests leave you will receive an alert. 

To action their request, log in via your tablet, laptop or desktop and start by heading over to 'Leave Admin' on the left hand sidebar. 

This will open up all unactioned requests sent in by your team. To action a request simply click on the request itself. 

When you open the request you will see some basic details of the leave requested - the 'leave type', who has requested it, the days they have requested, their location, and any additional notes. 

If you scroll down to the 'Duration Breakdown' screen, you can see Rotageek's assumption of the number of  'paid hours' (or days) that this leave request should use up from an employee's Annual Allowance. You can either accept these assumptions, or edit them. 

On this 'Duration Breakdown' screen, the days that your team member has requested off will appear in purple. Each day will have an assumed number of 'paid hours' of Leave attached to it. This is calculated on the assumption that that all employees have at least 2 unpaid 'rest days' (zero paid hours on that day) in every 7, and that their contract hours are distributed across the other 5.  The "Total Leave Requested" is therefore the sum of all of those paid hours.

You don't necessarily have to change these numbers - it could be exactly correct. In which case, you can simply Approve the leave request.  But if you do want to change the total duration or the allocation to individual days before Approving, you can do so by clicking into the individual purple boxes and changing the number of paid hours there.

If it is a paid leave day then input the number of paid hours. If it is a 'day off' then you can put a '0' in the day - your team member will not be working that day, nor will it count as a day of leave. 

In the both the first and the second image below, the team member has requested the 21st to the 24th of March off. In the first instance all four days are counted as leave. In the second, the first two are leave, the second two are 'days off'. 

If your team member has requested their leave in days then the display will appear as below - with purple square representing a whole day of leave, half the square representing half a day of leave, and a white square a whole unscheduled day. 

You can then approve, reject or leave the request as outstanding. You can attach a note to this to explain your decision to your team members, or simply to wish them a happy holiday! 

Editing Leave

Once the request has been actioned it will move into the Processed tab, so do not fear if you accidentally click on the wrong thing, you can go back in and edit it whenever you need to!

If you search for a person but cannot find the request you're looking for make sure the correct date range is selected, the system will only be searching for leave taken within these dates. Older requests will be archived by the system so make sure to set the Active filter to All States if the request is still not showing and Approved to All Requests

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