Adding Non-Requestable Leave

Non-Requestable leave is added via the Scheduler by clicking on the '+' icon and clicking on the 'Leave' tab. This will be added to the rota immediately and can be edited at anytime by clicking on the entry.

Adding Requestable Leave

To add Requestable leave you need to head over to Leave Admin.

On the first page you should see the green 'Add Leave' button in the top right-hand corner. Click this button and select 'Single' from the menu to add a single leave entry for your member of staff.

This will bring up the request entry window. Here, enter the details relevant to the employee's request; their name, the type of leave being taken, the days that they are away, the number of paid hours/days taken and the Location this leave is being taken at.

*It is important to remember the date range refers to the days that the employee is not available to work in store, the 'Total time taking off' is the number of paid hours/days the employee is taking, not the total number of days in the date range.

Once all the details are correct you need to select the status of the request. Generally if you are adding this on behalf of an employee it is already approved, if so make sure to select the 'Approve' box under 'Request Status'. 

Add a comment if necessary to the 'Notes' section and click 'Save' when the request is complete. This will auto-populate the leave on the relevant days in the Scheduler. 

If an error has been entered or details of the request has changed you will need to click on the 'Processed' tab in Leave Admin and search for it. This article will help explain how to find and edit an actioned leave request.

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