After setting up 'Skills' and attaching these to your employees- see here for more info- go to the 'Scheduler' section of RotaGeek.

You will see 'Required Skills' underneath days of the week and the option to select skills for each day.

Click on any day's drop down menu to select the combination of skills that you require e.g Waitress, Cleaner, Cook.

You can then increase the number of 'Skills' you require to reflect the number of staff you will need scheduled on for each area. Press the green button to add more and the red to subtract.

Now when you go to schedule your staff on the rota, it will recognise which 'Skills' they have letting you know if you have enough staff scheduled for each area. You can also view each employees skill set under their names on the left hand side.

The skill will turn green once enough people have been scheduled and will remain red if not!

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