In Rotageek there are three roles and permission levels that can be assigned to your staff.

  • Users
  • Supervisors
  • Admins

You will notice in the 'Positions' screen of each employee's profile there are three different roles that can be assigned.


A user is a standard employee user who just needs and has access to their shifts, their teams shifts and the ability to request leave and swaps on both the web and the employee mobile app.


A 'Supervisor' is someone who manages the schedule at a specific location or multiple locations. Their access is locked to this location.

A supervisor account has the same feel as the super administrator account, but restricted access.

They can:

1) View the calendar for staff at the location that they manage only

2) Manage/edit employee details at the location(s) that they manage only

3) Manage, add and edit shifts for this location only

4) Manage the schedule at this location

5) Manage, approve and reject leave and swap requests for their specific location

You can give them access to payroll if you would like and all permissions can be edited so you can restrict/give access to certain features/areas of the product as you wish.


An admin is someone who can do all of the things a 'Supervisor' can except for all locations/departments for your business. You can have as many admins as you want who have oversight over all locations or a select group. They can access all employee details, payroll and overall settings.

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