On the left hand menu bar, select 'Skills' from the list.

Just like the position and location functions you can add a new 'Skill' by clicking the green 'Add New' button in the top right hand corner.

Add your set of Skills/Areas e.g Bartending, Waitressing, Cooking, Cleaning and save. You can come in at any point and edit or delete these.

Once you have created all your Skills go to the 'Employees' section of RotaGeek.

If you click 'Edit' on any user, you will now notice that there is a skills tab.

Attach the relevant skills an employee has by clicking the green plus sign next to the correct skills. You can attach as many skills as you would like to each individual! Remember to press Save once you have finished adding these.

Click here to see information about using Skills on the Scheduler.

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