There are three ways you can view your shifts. Via SMS/Email, the Rotageek Employee Mobile App and the Rotageek Web App's Calendar.

Viewing your shifts via SMS/Email

Firstly, when your manager approves the rota for the week, you can get email and/or SMS alerts sent to you with details of your rota for that week. You can enter/change your email address and mobile phone number by logging into the employee mobile app or

Viewing your shifts via Rotageek Employee Mobile App

The second option is to check on the Rotageek Employee mobile app. To download this app see instructions here.

Navigate to the 'My Shifts' section along the bottom tool-bar. 'My Shifts' shows you your shifts for the week and you can flick between weeks to see future or past shifts.

The third option is to log in to and click on 'Calendar'.

This will display your shifts in calendar format for the month!

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