The RotaGeek employee mobile app allows you to check your shifts, your teams shifts as well as request leave and shift swaps.

If your company is using our Time & Attendance system it will also allow you to check in and out of your shifts.

To download the app free of charge, search for 'RotaGeek Employees' in the Google Play or iTunes app store. This app is only available for iPhones and Android devices.

Once downloaded you will be able to access a 'Week View' of the location(s) you work at, a 'Swaps' view which will detail all present, pending and past swap requests, 'My Shifts', a 'Leave' view to request annual leave and few all requests and the ability to check in and out of shifts (if your business is using this features).

To request a swap simply click on any shift in 'My Shifts'. Any employees that are not working will get alerted that a swap is up for grabs and your manager will get notified of this request and action accordingly.

You can also change your alert settings by clicking on the 'Settings Wheel' in the top left.

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