Rotageek has been designed to quickly get you solving your scheduling woes.

1. Locations

Firstly, if your company has several locations or different departments you can set these up in a few minutes. For example- London, Essex, Brighton or FOH, BOH, Kitchen, Bar. Click on the Locations tab from the main menu, press the green Add New + and then enter the name of your location and press Save.

If you are only using one location you can move onto setting up your positions.

2. Positions

Next you can set up your staff positions or roles. For example a restaurant might have the following positions Bartender, Chef, Waitress, Cleaner. These are helpful when it comes to scheduling as you can filter and create rotas by position.

Select Positions from the main left hand menu, press the Add New + button in the top right, and then enter a position name. Click on the Locations tab and click the drop down menu to select the location it corresponds to. Press the Green Plus '+' to tag it to this location. e.g Chef to Kitchen, Bartender to Bar.

Press Save once you are done.

3. Adding Employees

It is now time to add your team! Click on Employees from the main lefthand menu. In this screen you can add new employees , edit current staff details and delete employees from your RotaGeek account.

To add a new employee, click the green Add New + button. The minimum data you need to add to create a new user is: First Name, Surname and User Name. 

We recommend tagging your employee to their location(s) and position(s). Click on the Locations and Positions tabs to do this. Select the relevant options from the drop down menu and press the green plus '+' button to add.

Depending on your functionality 4-8 tabs in the popup screen allow you to add additional optional information about your staff:

  1. Employee details- you can add your staff's email addresses if you want them to receive email alerts with their rota details. If you add their email address during the first time you create their profile they will get a notification with their account details and a link to set their password. You can add their email and send account details at a later date if you wish.
  2. Additional Information - you can include a mobile number (necessary for SMS alerts), landline number, contracted hours and edit alert settings here
  3. Allowances - you can add annual leave entitlements in this section
  4. Payroll - add employee pay data here
  5. Positions - link your staff to the positions you have set up and you can also set users to Supervisors (access to schedule for their locations only) or set them to an administrator (access to schedule for all locations).
  6. Locations- link your staff to their locations
  7. Permissions - you can edit the mix of permissions for each individual user as you wish.
  8. Skills - Add skills to employees to help you schedule the right skills at the right time on your rota.

Once you have added all the required information, click Save and you will have a new employee in your employee list

4) Create Shifts

From the main menu, clicking the Shifts menu item will take you to the main shift screen. Here, click the Add New + button.

This displays a popup where you can define your shift name, start and finish times and breaks. You can also colour code them and add break times associated with each different shift type.

Event shifts are shifts with no time associated with them (perfect for task allocation).

Link the shifts you create to particular location(s) from the Locations tab. You can enter payroll details under the Payroll tab for your shifts if your staff get paid for doing different things.

5) Create a Schedule

Rotageek has been designed to make scheduling simple. You can perform most scheduling tasks directly from the Scheduler screen. Adding new shifts is no exception.

You can Click and Create a new shift from clicking on any empty space in the rota. Click the empty cell on the schedule grid where you want to add the shift. A pop up will appear giving you the options of add existing shift, add new shift or add unrequestable leave.

Any edits within the scheduler will be autosaved, so you never need to worry about losing data when you navigate away from the scheduler page.

As you add shifts to the scheduler you will see that the hours will calculate automatically and if you have entered contracted hours you can see this under your employees names too.

Shifts will appear in light grey with a dashed outline when in draft format. All draft changes are autosaved.

5) Approve a Schedule

When you have completed your full rota and are ready to set it to 'live' and send out alerts to your team press Approve changes. This will send out automatic email and SMS alerts and your shifts will turn full colour.

Congratulations! Your first rota is complete!

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