From the left hand main navigation menu, select 'Shifts' section. 

Here, click the 'Add New +' button.

This displays a popup where you can define your shift name, start and finish times and breaks. You can also colour code shifts and add associated break times.

You can also choose between shift types. Full Shifts have an editable start and end time. Event Shifts have no associated times attached to them (perfect for task allocation).

Link the shifts you create to particular location(s) from the 'Locations' tab. This means these shifts will only be seen as existing shifts under specific location's schedulers.

You can enter payroll details under the 'Payroll' tab for your shifts, allocating specific pay rates for working the shift.

'Skills Required' and 'Skills Prohibited' gives you the option to select specific employee skills for that shift when using gaps in the scheduler (for a 'How to' use gaps, click here).

When you have completed the details for your new shift, select Save. You will now see the shift in your 'Shifts' section, and within 'Existing' shifts on the scheduler.

This shift can be edited at anytime within 'Shifts'.

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