If you haven't already added your locations, positions and employees please do this first.

Navigate to the Scheduler screen where you will see your employees down the left hand side, days of the week across the top and any shifts you have created in the shifts bar.

Now simply add shifts to your scheduler by clicking on the day that you want to add a shift to. 

A pop up will appear allowing you to select an existing shift type, add a new shift or add unrequestable leave.

Once you have selected the shift it will appear in the Scheduler. This shift will appear in light grey surrounded by a dashed borderline.

As you create your schedule it will be auto-saved, meaning you do not need to worry about losing any data if you navigate away from the page.

If you also have the permission to approve the rota, you will need to select Approve changes. This will turn the shifts to full colour, indicating the shifts are live and able to be seen by your employees.

Approve changes will also automatically send out SMS/email alerts to employees, notifying them of approved changes on the scheduler.

If you can edit the schedules of multiple locations please make sure that only the location you want to approve is selected in the left hand side bar before selecting Approve changes.

If you want to make any edits after the schedule has been approved you can click on any shift to edit or delete it.

You can then press Approve changes again, which sends out alerts to your affected employees.

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