Rotageek's new interface uses modern frameworks to significantly increase the speed and user experience of our scheduling tools.

New features


The scheduler now saves draft shifts automatically and instantly - along with improvements to load time, this on average means it's 3x faster to create a weekly schedule, send out rotas to your team and move between weeks.

Click to add shifts

Click anywhere on the rota to add shifts or leave to your staff. You will only be able to add leave types that are non-requestable here. For Annual leave, you'll need to go to the Leave Admin tab. For more on leave, take a look here.

Day and Week Notes

Type a note at the top of the screen for each week or for specific days to remind you of special events, add a Day note. Read more about Day Notes here.

Manage your staff better with an overview of your staffing throughout the day

A new graph at the top of your rota shows you how many people you have scheduled for every 30 minute period of the day.

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