Rotageek's new interface uses modern frameworks to significantly increase the speed and user experience of our scheduling tools.

New features


The scheduler now saves draft shifts automatically and instantly - along with improvements to load time, this on average means it's 3x faster to create a weekly schedule, send out rotas to your team and move between weeks.

Demand graph

The improved Rotageek demand graph allows you to easily compare your scheduled hours to matrix hours and view how many people are in store each day or on leave.

Day Notes

At an estate, region or local level, special events or reminders can now be populated to appear on any day on the scheduler.

Advanced features

Availability Tool

You can now input your staff availability (or get your team to do it themselves) on to Rotageek and this will appear on the scheduler to ensure you're scheduling your team for times that work for them.

Gap notifications Tool

If you struggle to find cover for shifts at late notice, our gap notifications tool allows you to quickly identify times you need cover and send out push notifications/emails to available staff and allow them to reply via the Rotageek mobile app to take on the shift.

4 week Scheduler

Our powerful new 4 week scheduler allows you to view and schedule across a month giving greater visibility across a longer period.


Rotageek can use your forecasts (or we can create them for you) and create a prediction of how many staff you need for each 30 minute period of the day. With one click of a button, your staff can then be scheduled automatically based on availability, contracted hours and skill mix to ensure your stores are always scheduled with the rights hours in the right place.

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